Join in the fun and learning

We pride ourselves in preparing young athletes with the skills and tools to become strong, fundamentally sound individuals who learn the love of the game both physcially and mentally.


  1. SAFE ENVIRONMENT - Fundamentals First prides itself on enusring that all participants and staff practice proper distancing measures and ensure that no equipment is ever shared. If there is ever a possibilty of cross contamination the staff will stop a session to sanitize all necessary items.
  2. QUALITY COACHING - Fundamentals First is proud to provide qualified and passionate coaches. All the staff have been rooted in the game of basketball from an early age and continued through their college years as either a player or coach.
  3. DETAILED GROWTH  - Fundamentals First offers a unique approach to mastering the fundamentals and skills necesary to perform at a high level in the game. Our ladder system develops the player based on ability to perform certain skils and to mentally comprehend the game and situations.