Fundamentals First Academy is excited to kick off its fourteenth season of our K-2 Instructional League!

The cost per player is $220.

The goal of the FF Academy Instructional League is to give children a positive basketball experience
and help them learn the game's fundamentals, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

• Season begins Sunday, January 14, 2024, and runs through March 10, 2024 *

• Each team will play eight games

• *Games will be played each Sunday, with the possibility of some teams having a BYE
due to an odd number of teams in a given league.

• The league uses Archbishop Riordan High School and St. Stephen School, SF

• Game times begin as early as 8 a.m. and end as late as 6 p.m.

• All games begin with drills followed by gameplay
(K - 20 minutes of drills and 30 minutes of play)
(First Grade - 15 minutes of drills and 35 minutes of play)
(Second Grade - 10 minutes of drills and 40 minutes of play)
Please note that the drills may run longer in the first few weeks to help acclimate children.

• Referees and staff are all current or former high school or college players and coaches.

• Sign up as an individual or a team
(please make sure to have the correct team name and coach when signing up)

Frequently Asked Questions

How many divisions are there?
There are five divisions:
Co-ed Kindergarten
First grade boys
First grade girls
Second grade boys
Second grade girls.

Is the league co-ed?
Our kindergarten league is co-ed. If you have a co-ed team
in grades one or two, the team will play in the respective boys league.

Does our team need a coach?
We encourage teams to work with children on the court; however, if a team needs support, our staff is happy to run the drills and instruct the children during games. What is required is a bench coach. The role of the bench coach is to supervise the behavior and needs of the children not in the game.

What time should we arrive for our game?
Players should arrive five minutes before the scheduled start time.

What uniform should my child wear?
Each child will receive a reversible league jersey.
The children should also come wearing athletic shoes & shorts or sweats.

Are there separate days for practices?
No, the children will spend the first part of the session on
various drills and then play a game for the remaining time.

For information about our programs, please email us or call 415.800.2053

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